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Transportify Expands Service Areas In The Philippines To Help Business Focus On Their Growth

With a goal of helping business grow, Transportify has announced its recent expansion of service area in the Philippines.
Transportify Expands Service Areas In The Philippines To Help Business Focus On Their Growth
Transportify expansion!

Transportify followed up their successful PH launch by expanding their service. Now, aside from Metro Manila, the company can now do pickup and delivery on farther areas such as San Pedro Laguna, Agono Rizal, Bacoor Cavite, and Marilao Bulacan.
The solution to your delivery problems?
The solution to your delivery problems?

It's the move of the brand to address common problems for different types of business so they can focus more on their real product and allocate their resources on more important things.

With Transportify, business owners can lessen the need for additional cost in getting your own service with their efficient and affordable delivery service. There won't be a need to by a vehicle, worry about maintenance, and hire a driver with this type of service anymore.
Noel Abelardo, Transportify’s Demand Head and Co-country Manager said, “Transportify believes in providing quality and superb customer experience. This expansion of our service areas is an answer to the increasing demand from our business clients.  They regularly ask us to launch new service areas, and we are very much listening. We take the concerns of our customers seriously, and we are working hard to address those needs.”
He explained that before they launch a service area, they ensure that they have enough well trained drivers who could fulfill customers’ delivery needs in those certain locations.

With roughly 5 months worth of operations here in Manila, Transportify is working closely with clients and driver-partners to expand the coverage area and cater to the special delivery needs of more businesses. Let's all stay tuned for that!

To check if your location is Transportify ready, makre sure to visit https://www.transportify.com.ph/servicearea/ or email support@transportify.com.ph. Also, users may download the Transportify app on Google Play or Apple App store.
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