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Report: BOC Seized Alleged Smuggled Gadgets From A Popular Online Store!

After acting on intelligence reports, BOC or the Bureau of Customs has seized alleged smuggled electronic devices from the warehouse of Kimstore in Lakandula Street, Tondo Manila.
Report: BOC Seized Alleged Smuggled Gadgets From A Popular Online Store!
It includes units of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

According to the report of GMA News those electronic devices includes the likes of Macbook notebooks, Samsung Galaxy S7 series, Huawei Nexus 6P, ZenFone 3 Ultra, Sony Xperia, Canon cameras, tablets, audio accessories, and etc. 
"Among the items seized were units of iPhone 7 cellular phones, Macbook laptops, Samsung Galaxy S7 series phones, Nexus 6Ps phones, Zenfone 3 Ultra phones, Sony Xperia phones, Canon cameras, tablets and music players, audio accessories, and gadgets for safety and security," the BOC noted. 
“There are plenty of cases wherein high-end communication and electronic gadgets are smuggled into the country through misdeclaration schemes - a top form of smuggling - used by smugglers to defraud and avoid paying correct duties and taxes to the government," Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS) Director Neil L. Estrella said. 
"Kim Store is owned by a certain ‘Francis’, a Filipino-Chinese businessman in Binondo, who is engaged in selling smuggled items online," the bureau said, citing an initial report submitted by Intelligence Officer Joel Pinawin, team leader of the CIIS operating unit, to Customs Commissioner Nicanor E. Faeldon.
“We are still validating some intelligence reports, and we will fully identify the real owners of Kim Store in the next few days,” Pinawin reported. 
“BOC, under my watch, will often conduct raids in warehouses, storehouses, and depots, to combat the malpractice and related crimes, and finally jail perpetrators, once and for all,” Faeldon
Why? Kim Store's depot failed to present documents for the imported items. As we all know, anything that doesn't have proper importation documents and NTC seal are considered as illegal.

Most likely, those "smuggled" gadgets also doesn't have proper warranty and support from the official carriers of those brands.

Right now, the warehouse of that certain Kim Store was padlocked by the bureau. All seized items inside are guarded by CIIS agents.

Source: Gmanetwork
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