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OPPO Shipments Up By 132.9 Percent!

Last 2016, OPPO posted their best year yet. The OPPO R9 became the best selling smartphone in China to end Apple's reign for 5 straight years. Here in the Philippines, the #SelfieExpert handsets were best sellers too. It started with the F1 and F1 Plus followed by the very popular F1s / F1s upgrade.
OPPO Shipments Up By 132.9 Percent!
The OPPO F1s upgrade

The formula is simple and focused. The company just created affordable smartphones with premium quality and great overall cameras.
“In 2016, our strategy was to stay simple and focused – putting out premium-quality products with phenomenal cameras,” said Sky Li, OPPO VP and Managing Director of International Mobile Business. “The success we saw is because of our commitment to listening to our users and bringing them devices tailor-made for their lifestyles. We’ll redouble that commitment as we continue our global expansion this year.”
As a result, OPPO became the top 4 smartphone vendor in the world last year with 7.3% global market share. Their shipments increased by 132.9% which is 99.4 million units sold worldwide.

For 2017, the company aims to continue their strong game as they target around 120 to 160 million units or about up to 60% increase. To do that, OPPO expanded its production plants in China from three to five and added a production base in Indonesia too. There are also reports that a plant in India will start making OPPO handsets soon.

Sources: Tribune, GSMArena
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