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PhilYes Aims To Change The eCommerce Landscape In PH

PhilYes, a premier B2B online platform in the Philippines is currently making waves in the eCommerce scene. Dubbed as an online "Business-to-Business Opportunity Platform", PhilYes can connect your business to the best opportunities in the industry.
PhilYes eCommerce Philippines
PhilYes allows both buyers and sellers to thrive

It promises both buyers and sellers fast, secure, and efficient ways to link products and services. This portal also allows clients to search for trade leads, survey good prices, and rapidly close fair deals.
“We are the first B2B opportunity platform catering to the needs of sellers and buyers in the Philippines.” says PhilYes Chief Executive Officer, Rachel Tolentino. “PhilYes is a sustainable business ecosystem. It provides a secure marketplace, resulting in industrial symbiosis.” she added.
PhilYes is an emerging eCommerce company that Rachel co-founded with her close friends in 2014.
“We are a young organization who dreams of revolutionizing the eCommerce landscape for business owners, small and medium enterprises in the country. We intent to facilitate the growth of local businesses by maximizing technology.” Rachel explains. 
Rachel, who worked as Chief Finance Officer of Autohauz prior to PhilYes, added “My stint in Autohauz made me realized how difficult and challenging it was to source, maintain and deal with different suppliers. It was not easy to survey for quotes for services or goods you need for your business. We are a small organization and definitely we don’t have a huge procurement department that will do the dirty work for us.” Rachel says. “This is one of the pain points that help build the initial framework of PhilYes. We want efficiency for buyers to survey quotes and build their own comparison list fast and at the same time opening unlimited opportunities for Sellers by giving them access to their target market.” Rachel adds.
After creating the business community which promotes opportunities, PhilYes will eventually help more business grow and let buyers look for the best competitive deals around.

As of this moment, PhilYes closes up to PHP 10 million worth of daily transactions, deals, and contracts with its online platform. It shows the growing confidence of our business community to PhilYes as a tool.

Right now, PhilYes has an introductory subscription price of PHP 750 per month. It allows unlimited access to its business resources and tools, including bid participation, products & services promotions, and general goods / merchandise surveys. 

PhilYes guarantees listed and verified suppliers only. There are also plans labelled as "Platinum" for PHP 1250 per month.

To check PhilYes out, visit www.philyes.com now.
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