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PLDT, Smart In Partnership With Huawei To Make PH 5G Ready!

Preparing for the future. In a recent visit to Huawei HQ in Shenzhen, China, PLDT and Smart partnered with Huawei Technologies Philippines to conduct research and development on 5G (fifth generation) wireless broadband technology. This is in line with the the Telco's plan to be 5G ready by 2020 through massive efforts in building infrastructure today.
PLDT, Smart In Partnership With Huawei To Make PH 5G Ready!
PLDT, Smart, and Huawei for 5G internet in the Philippines by 2020!

To seal the deal, PLDT / Smart Chairman, President Manny V. Pangilinan signed a Memorandum of agreement with led by Jacky Gao Kexin, the CEO of Huawei Philippines.

Under the MOU, PLDT and Smart will work together with Huawei to shape the strategic and commercial development of the 5G ecosystem in our country. The parties will plan how to make 5G worth properly by year 2020. To be precise, the two companies will identify and develop areas of technological innovation where they'll need to deliver 5G.

The creation of a showcase network and setting up a 5G innovation lab is a part of the development plan as well.

"This collaboration with Huawei is an important part  of PLDT and Smart’s efforts to bring the most advanced technologies to the Philippines. It will enable us to best serve our customers and help boost the country's development in a world that is rapidly turning digital," said Atty. Ray C. Espinosa, Chief Corporate Services Officer at PLDT and Smart 

As of the moment, Smart is in the middle of a 3 year, multi-million dollar network expansion to improve the quality of service and coverage of 4G LTE service across the Philippines.
“Smart is focused on LTE, as it provides us the best platform to bring high-speed mobile internet throughout the country. LTE facilities, with strengthened transport links, can be quickly upgraded to LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), and will be an integral part of our future 5G network,” said Joachim Horn, chief technology and information advisor for PLDT and Smart. “We are focused on ensuring that our current investments in network facilities will enable us to be ready with the necessary infrastructure foundation for 5G when it arrives sometime in 2020,” added Horn.

Getting ready with 5G is exciting!
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