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Report: DICT Will Cut Red Tape To Increase The Speed Of PH Internet Development!

Great news! The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has declared to cut red tape to expedite improvement in Philippine telecoms! It was announced at the very first Philippine  Telecoms Summit that was recently concluded last March 10 at the PICC Forum.
DICT Will Cut Red Tape To Increase The Speed Of PH Internet Development!
Less red tape soon for a better connected Philippines!

In that event, the top telcecoms stakeholders, consumer side, providers, and regulators w/ Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), Secretary Rodolfo A. Salalima discussed the problems of the development of our country's telecoms services to find solutions. Those aspects includes cost, speed, and coverage.

DICT: Denying Cell Site Construction Should Be Illegal!

Previously, we wrote an article that it takes 8 months just to build just 1 cell site due to the number of permits (25 permits) needed and red tapes or excessive bureaucracy or corruption. In that summit, DICT plans to decrease the process in just 7 days necessary to process the licenses and permits to put up infostructure and infrastructure necessary for telco companies!
Two more days may be given for the local chief executive to decide whether to approve or deny a permit, but if after that no decision has been made, the permit should be deemed approved. Secretary Salalima is confident that if this recommendation of his is followed, the Philippines will be looking at improvements on the telecoms services just after six months. 
“Solutions with no deadlines are no solutions at all,” Salalima emphasized during his speech and reiterated the same over the discussions that followed. Thus, he set a deadline as mentioned.
If this will materialize, then let's expect a better connected Philippines soon!
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