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OPPO F3 And F3 Plus: What To Expect?

It's no secret that OPPO Philippines will launch the new F3 and F3 Plus as a follow-up to the wildly successful F1 series this coming March 23, 2017. As a matter of fact, several celebrities and few tech media already have this device for testing / teasing now, including us here at GIZGUIDE!
OPPO F3 And F3 Plus: What To Expect?
Back view of an actual F3 Plus

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Unfortunately, we cannot reveal all the details yet until its launch. But, to excite you guys further, here are some of the things that we should expect with the new OPPO F3 and OPPO F3 Plus.

What to expect?

1. Better build and larger display on a slim frame.
2. Speedier chipset (processor) and ample RAM and storage.
3. Longer batter life and faster charging.
4. Newer, speedier, and more intelligent operating system.
5. Complete with essential connectivity and security features.
6. Better main camera, dual front camera (confirmed with OPPO F3 Plus)

So that's it, we'll reveal explain and reveal the rest of the missing details including the specs, type of dual front camera tech, and price of the said device soon.

So stay tuned!
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