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Samsung Shows Off Stunning New Gear S3 Designs At Baselworld 2017

Samsung has joined Baselworld 2017, the mecca of watch enthusiast. The global leader in smartwatch category showcased new designs and concepts on how to bridge the gap between new tech and Swiss watch design heritage.
Samsung at Baselworld 2017

Samsung showcased the new Gear S3 portfolio with new custom watch straps, additional color variations, and new exciting concept designs.

As a quick recap, the Gear S3 is arguably the best smartwatch in the world as of this writing. It's inspired by the art of watch making which combined water resistance, military grade durability, long battery life, and modern smartwatch / fitness band features.
“We understand that a watch is more than just a time keeper, it caters to personal style and interests. The Gear S3 takes convenience, style and innovation to the next level, while retaining a commitment to quality craftsmanship,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “The Gear S3 is more than just a smartwatch, it is a beautifully designed watch that puts a timeless spin on the smartwatch category, crafted for both watch aficionados and tech enthusiasts.”

It includes the a stunning pocket watch design!

Look at those designs!

One of the highlights of Samsung X Baselworld 2017 is the three concept designs by Yvan Arpa. It includes: watch which may look like the Gear S3 at first glance, but is a traditional watch with Swiss-made movement and detail; an updated take on the Gear S3, taking premium finishes up a notch; and finally, a hybrid pocket concept watch version of the Gear S3.
“Samsung’s presence at Baselworld demonstrates the evolving world of technology and horology,” said watch designer, Yvan Arpa who was involved in the original design process of the Samsung Gear S3. “Samsung is committed to delivering quality craftsmanship in all of its products to reflect the heritage and evolution of the watch industry.”
Interesting right?

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