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Report: ZUK Is Reportedly Shutting Down

After just a little over 23 months of existence, ZUK Mobile, the Lenovo backed promising sub-smartphone brand is reportedly shutting down in the next few weeks.
Report: ZUK Is Reportedly Shutting Down
The ZUK Z1

The sad news was unveiled in a Weibo conversation where they revealed that ZUK Z3 is not coming because the said mobile division is shutting down. Reports also stated that Lenovo would start branding all its upcoming smartphones under the Lenovo Moto name soon.

For ZUK, the only survivor of this whole action is the company’s ZUI skin. According to Lenovo VP Alex Chen Yu will be integrated to upcoming Lenovo Moto smartphones.

As a quick recap, ZUK first introduced the Z1, a handset w/ Cyangen OS last August of 2015 followed by the ZUK Z2 series. Last December, the company announced the ZUK Edge flagship w/ 86.4 screen-to-body ratio.

All of those handsets were designed to compete with the very best bang per buck offerings in the market.

Source: GSMArena, GizChina
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