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5 Things We Love About The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Tablet

At a time and age when it means everything to be connected, having the right gadget in your hands for a specific purpose is important. 
5 Things We Love About The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Tablet
Meet Samsung's newest tablet in town

Samsung, for one, knows that there is a specific gadget for a specific need.

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Armed with high-grade audio and visual components Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet is a promising gadget that aims to fulfill the requirements of utmost gaming and entertainment experience.
Superb AMOLED screen
Superb AMOLED screen

Getting our hands on Samsung's newest tablet, the "cinematic grade" Galaxy S3, we came up with five things we love about this new product. 

1. High-quality AudioLike most people our tablets serve the very important purpose of keeping us entertained with our favorite shows on iFlix whether on relaxed weekends or while passing time until traffic begins to ease. 

Samsung Galaxy S3 is built with AKG quad speakers, giving it sharp audio output with four speakers all working at the same time. 

We like how this gadget's speakers give you surround sound feel. If you are the type to flip your tablet over and around in landscape and portrait orientations while viewing this tablet's four speakers gives you the sensation of the sound following your viewing orientation. 
Powered by AKG speakers, this tablet gives off crisp and ultra clear sound. And that's something we want from our tablet when we use it for entertainment and gaming.

2. HDR video playback With us being a fan of watching videos and TV series on our tablet, we would have to be partial about this feature. Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab gives off 9.6 inch QXGA Super AMOLED screen with cinematic grade picture with this feature up its sleeve. Boasting its HDR video playback, this tablet produces picture, depth as it highlights both shadow and lighting impressively.

3. Battery life longevity Among the struggles of using your tablet for entertainment and gaming alongside work-related tasks is fast draining battery. Samsung S3 Tablet prides itself with its ability to keep up with heavy usage with its extended battery life as it has a whopping 6000 mAh battery capacity or up to 12 hours playback time. 

4. Smooth-sailing performance Nothing can be more disappointing as a lagging gadget. Samsung gets this issue off your back with the Galaxy S3 Tab's promise of seamless multitasking and inter-app switching with its 4 GB RAM to match its 32 GB ROM base storage which can be expanded to a maximum of 256 GB.

5. High quality camera - What is a gadget without its camera? This is one of our favorite key features for any gadget. We, as if automatically, check out the camera every time we get our hands on a new gadget.

So far, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 passed our highly discriminating standards for cameras. With a 13 megapixel back camera with f/1.9 and a 5 megapixel f/2.2 selfie camera the Galaxy Tab S3's camera should produce sharp looking photos. 

Note: We also love that this tablet comes with a S3 pen, a feature that we bet will be a hit for creative creatures. It makes doodling, drawing and sketching a breeze. 
With the after-market keyboard
With the after-market keyboard

As for after-market sales we find the S3 keyboard a welcome addition to accessories for the Galaxy S3. Keyboard-ready, the Galaxy S3 Tab has entertainment and workspace rolled into one convenient gadget. 

Initially, these are the first five things that will make us want to purchase this gadget which is sold at PHP 37,990 at retail stores.
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