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Lenovo's New Foldable Laptop Concept Is Cool

At an event in New York, Lenovo has shared some exciting ideas and futuristic innovations. It highlights a new foldable laptop concept with flexible display.
Lenovo's ThinkPad like foldable laptop concept
Lenovo's ThinkPad like foldable laptop concept

The new concept shows a striking new foldable and flexible laptop design to challenge the norm. Lenovo boasted that they'll be using be using "advanced materials" and "new screen technologies" to make this potential "innovation" possible.

In addition, there will be some sort of "new screen technologies" on this laptop. However, Lenovo failed to specify it yet. Lenovo also mentioned p that users will be able to "speak" to the laptop or make use of voice commands, although details weren't that specific.

Lenovo mentioned on Twitter that this is just a concept for now. It means that even Lenovo is not yet sure if they can pull it off at this moment.

But, in the future, who know? Lenovo has the ability to innovate and succeed.

Source: The Verge
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