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Makati Digitally Engages Residents With MAKATIZEN

The city of Makati continues to take the digital road to advancement as it introduced yet another step-forward to help assist urbanites who live in and love in the city.
Makati Digitally Engages Residents With MakatiZEN
Meet MakatiZEN app!

The 347-year old city known for its upbeat charm and for securely holding a spot at the list of the Philippine's most progressive cities introduced MAKATIZEN, a citizen management mobile app.

With just clicks and taps, the app which is initially available to Android users conveniently guides Makati citizens or even non-Makati residents but are frequently in the city.

MAKATIZEN app brings important information and civic services closer to Makati residents in a more engaging, rewarding, and convenient way through the help of their mobile phones.

The app is a product of a collaboration between public-private partnership (PPP) proponent Neo-Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. and Voyager Innovations.

The MAKATIZEN app will initially feature the following benefits for Makati City residents:

MakaGimik and MakaRide

MakaGimik - up-to-the-minute advisories and announcements about Makati City programs and events
MakaRide - instantly book a ride on board Makati’s point-to-point shuttle service, initially available for Makati City government employees
MakaShopping and MakaNegosyo

MakaShopping - an in-app online marketplace where citizens can instantly shop for must-have items and receive exclusive discounts
MakaNegosyo - important information about how and why to invest and start a business in Makati City

Through Voyager’s customer engagement platform freenet, Makati is super-charging its digital transformation efforts by allowing its residents to use the MAKATIZEN app without incurring any data charges.
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