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MAX-Q Design Aims To Achieve The Dream Of A GTX 1080 In A Mobile Thin And Light Laptop!

Nvidia's MAX-Q Design was announced several weeks ago at Computex and seems to answer the dream of fitting a 180 watts hungry GTX 1080 to a 90 watt rated thin and light laptop. 
An 18 mm Laptop with the GTX 1080 - ASUS ROG Zephyrus

It takes advantage of the Aerospace industry principle of Max-Q where the aerodynamic stress on the spacecraft is at its highest! Therefore, everything is engineered around Max-Q because it is the toughest condition for space-faring vehicles will encounter.

What brings the aerospace industry and thin and light laptops have in common is the constraints of weight, power and thermal solutions. Nvidia decided to apply the Max-Q engineering principles by operating them at its most efficient to deliver the best performance without reaching diminishing returns in power, weight and thermals.

This resulted in 60 to 75% performance increase from a thin 18 mm laptop with a GTX 1060 to the 18 mm GTX 1080 with Max-Q design.
The Clevo P950HR is the Max-Q designed laptop with a GTX 1070 with a size of just 18 mm!

An example of these are the ASUS Zephyrus with a 17.9mm laptop with a maximum noise of 39 dBA with G-Sync 120Hz. The other to are the Clevo P950 with a GTX 1070 at 18mm and the MSI G563 GTX 1070 18mm.

In addition, all Geforce powered laptops from now on will support Whispermode. Nvidia has tested over 400 games and have profiled each one of them to find the most efficient performance settings to give gamers the best possible experience with acoustics that resulted in nearly 50% less sound pressure produced!
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