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Microsoft Incubates Sustainable Classrooms

Finding ourselves in an era within mankind's history when the world is rapidly advancing technologically, so to speak, who would think education is something that is still not accessible to all?
Microsoft Incubates Sustainable Classrooms
Microsoft sustainable classrooms

With most of us caught up in a world that serves up the fruits of technology in an overwhelming buffet, we automatically think education is among the least of our problems.  

But outside the radius of our highly urbanized and technologically advanced ecosystem in the city the harsh reality that education is not easily and readily accessible to all prevails.  

Ironically,  while the world aggressively pushes for technological advancement there are still 4 million children in the Philippines who do not attend school based on the Philippine Statistical Authority's (PSA) 2013 Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey (FLEMMS). 

FLEMMS is a survey that the PSA conducts every five years. 

Wanting make education accessible even to children in far-flung places international tech giant Microsoft developed a classroom that is technologically advanced yet sustainable. 

"We call it the Egg Cell." Paolo Balinas,  Microsoft Philippines' business development manager for education told GizGuide during the 2017 Philippine Digital Conference.  

The Egg Cell is a 40-foot container crate repurposed as a classroom fully equipped with computers used as educational tools.  

The classroom can accommodate up to 30 students. 

The solar powered Egg Cell is also equipped with a cooling insulation system that help drop the temperature by 5 degrees Celsius. 

The Egg Cell is controlled what Microsoft calls The Brain. It is the "control center" that houses the server for the whole system. 

Balinas said one container costs P5M.  PLDT is among the resellers of this techmology developed by the tech giant.  

"One this good about this is it is easy to transport. A chopper can drop it on site." Balinas said. 

Balinas explained that while The Egg Cell is good for permanent use it can also be a good alternative to classrooms in typhoon-stricken areas. 

Microsoft and PLDT are partnering with DepEd and LGUs for the use of this new-age classroom that will help make education available to all.  

Microsoft has installed several Egg Cell classrooms in Rizal province so far.  
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