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8 Things To Love About OPPO F3

In the year 2017 we are what our phone is. Our phones define us. That little gadget that complement our actual daily lives can say a so much about the person that we are more than any other personal possession.
A closer look at the OPPO F3
A closer look at the OPPO F3

Mobiles phones have gone a long way from just performing the task of,  well,  being a phone or a plain instrument for making voice calls.

Perhaps, the way we communicate has just gotten more complex or maybe technology's evolution has given us more options on how we could communicate.

But today a phone is not just phone. It presents a gist of the person that we are. At the same time its is an adjunct of the 21st century human being's existence.

It provides us with many options on how we go about with our daily lives--from getting a cab, to ordering food, reading a book and interacting with other humans, just to name a few.

The handy yet tiny machine sums up our existence as social beings condensed into GBs and selfies, LIKES and views.

In the era of Facebook,  Instagram, Snapchat and SELFIES picking the right phone to match your top priorities in life is becoming a seriously tough job.

Flashback to the early 2000s, shopping for a cellphone was quite easy. With literally just a handful of brands available in the market the selection process was not really as tough as it is today.  And besides, all that was expected from a mobile phone were just the ability to make calls and send text messages.

Now, with so many new brands and new phone models that courageously and confidently entering the the cellphone industry choosing a phone has become a rigid selection process.

Phones here and there boast of features and specs that supposedly give them that edge in a very competitive industry. It's just too hard to settle for a particular model so much so a particular brand.

To help you, I spent the one whole week with OPPO's newest phone model, the F3. I used and abused the phone just to come up with insights about it.

Hopefully my experience with the phone would give you an idea of what has to offer.

OPPO is among the top 5 players in the mobile phone manufacturing industry.  And the brand prides itself with the top-notch selfie quality.

Anchored by the F1 series that sports a 16 megapixel selfie camera OPPO closed 2016 with flying colors, earning the top spot in the Philippines in terms of sales.

The OPPO F3, the new generation #SelfieExpert with dual front cameras also fared well since its launch earlier this year. Three days after it has been available in the market the mobile phone registered a whopping 22,000-unit (in just 3 days) sales.

We ran an earlier review on OPPO F3 but our team decided to personally get a feel of the phone and share our thoughts after a one-week test drive.

Here are 8 things I loved about OPPO F3

1. Wide Angle Selfie Camera - Superb selfie taking function is the focal point of OPPO's marketing. The brand is committed to perfecting the technology that provides top-notch selfies.
A beautified shot comes out clean
A beautified shot comes out clean 

I have always been a bit iffy about taking selfies, but I have to admit the OPPO F3 has gotten me hooked on taking selfies any chance I get. I even had the guts to take a selfie alone in a public place!
OPPO F3 also takes on the moniker GROUFIE EXPERT
OPPO F3 also takes on the moniker GROUFIE EXPERT 

I really enjoyed OPPO F3's selfie cam especially the wide angle option. OPPO understands that the answer to super tight unflattering groufies is a selfie camera that can go on wide angle mode. Good news to selfie takers this solves chubby bunny faces. More than a Selfie Expert OPPO is also a Groufie Expert.
Having fun with SELFIE EXPERT OPPO
Having fun with SELFIE EXPERT OPPO

The wide angle shooting mode is also a great way to include scenic backgrounds in your selfies. If you are a fan of travelling and the great outdoors OPPO F3 will make a good company.
Another shot using wide-angle mode
Another shot using wide-angle mode 

2. Beauty Shooting Mode - Still on the camera (I think I can go on and on talking about this phone's camera!), I liked the fact that OPPO F3 has a shooting option that saves you precious time spent on post processing photos.
Beautified shots enables you to skip post-processing
Beautified shots enables you to skip post-processing

Beauty Shooting Mode does the job for you. If you feel like your face is not really selfie ready this option is your best friend. It instantly illuminates the photo and blurs what needs to be blurred. Photos come out clean and polished.

Beauty Shooting mode is available to both front and back cameras of the OPPO F3. 

Note: The main camera is great as well, see our sample photos here.
OPPO F3's interface
OPPO F3's interface

3. Easy to navigate - Being GIZGUIDE's one and only Apple products fan I had to adjust to OPPO F3's operating system (OS) which is of course Android.

But after a few hours of tinkering with the phone and personalizing it by downloading apps from Google PlayStore I felt more comfortable with the.

I cannot discount the fact that I loved how my entire "life" is organized using my Gmail account.  Everything has been properly and appropriately migrated to the OPPO F3 phone.

For someone who swears by Apple products OPPO F3 made it easy for me to get used to the Adriod OS. I think I can consider owning an Android phone after OPPO F3 introduced me to the operating system.
Nice and sleek
Nice and sleek

4. Sleek and slim form - I loved how thin and light the OPPO F3 is. For a week hung out in my bag, my jeans' pocket and of course in my hands.

I hate extra weight in my bag especially if I am taking the MRT and the LRT to wherever it is I am going.

Measuring 153 x 72.5 x 7.3 mm and weighing only 53 grams (the weight of an average sized chocolate bar), OPPO F3 is really easy to carry around. It fits comfortably even in the slimmest purse I own.

5. Quick inter-app switch - Multi-tasking is a skill distinct to younger generations. The ability to cruise in between tasks is a thing we can do with much ease.

A phone that could keep up with multi-tasking is surely a must.

I work comfortably on my phone. If I'd be asked where I prefer to do my work I'd definitely say on my phone. I belong to the class of people who do everything on their phones. I work, book rides, watch my favorite series, shop, do banking using my phone. My life is practically contained in my mobile phone.

I was happy to say that OPPO F3 which has 4 GB RAM and 64GB ROM up its sleeve was able to keep up with the bulk of data from all the apps I use without compromising its speed.

It is also a major plus that there is provision to expand the memory of this mobile phone by adding a memory card.
5.5-inch screen for better viewing

6. Large screen - I loved how wide OPPO F3's screen is. I like post-processing photos using my phone. OPPO F3's 5.5-inch screen made it easy for me to see even the smallest of details.

I also enjoyed watching the series I love both on iFlix and Netflix.
Battery benchmark score
Battery benchmark score

7. Battery endurance - A phone whose battery is drained is the death of most of us. I myself would feel uneasy knowing that my phone is dead. Sadly, we do not always have access to an outlet or there are times when your phone and your powerbank are lowbatt altogether.

A phone that can survive through an entire day without going lowbatt on you would really be nice. With so much activity on our phones it is just impossible for a phone to ,ast all day without having the need to be charged halfway through your day.

OPPO F3 has 3,200 mAh battery capacity. And it has exceeded my expectations. I leave the house with a fully charged F3 and I got through everyday for a week without having the need to charge while I was still out.

I usually use my phone for Spotify, Uber, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and for taking photos. I stay out everyday for a maximum for 8 hours.

F3 performed well. By the time I am about to go home I was usually on 10 percent battery. And it lasted until I get home. So, hooray for that!
OPPO F3 in Gold
OPPO F3 in Gold

8. Value for money - OPPO F3 is sold in the market at around PHP 16K. A good value for all the features I enjoyed.

So, after a week with OPPO F3 I would say this phone is for the millennial urbanite who enjoys the city as much as I do. It is a great tool to document everyday encounter through its camera. It is for people who love taking selfies. Truly, OPPO is a "Selfie and Groufie Expert."

The gadget can keep up with the young generations' multitasking at the same time it can last through an entire day without its battery giving up.

All in all OPPO F3 is a great mobile phone at the price range that it is sold for.
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