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Skyworth And Toshiba Partnership Brings Android TV To PH

A partnership between  Hong Kong-based LCD and LED TV manufacturer Skyworth and Japanese electronics firm Toshiba Corporation paved way for yet another cutting-edge technology that is bound to be the future of entertainment.
Skyworth And Toshiba Partnership Brings Android TV To PH
Skyworth x Toshiba

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Skyworth, a forerunner in TV technology has just unveiled a series of Android TVs, a first for the brand in the Philippine market, today in Pasay City.
Affordable Android TVs!
Affordable Android TVs!

The ever changing landscape of TV technology is slowly but surely moving farther from Smart TVs with the development geared towards the new technology of TVs powered by Google-developed operating system, Android.

Skyworth and Toshiba's G6 series, U97 series and U77 series, all powered by Android, are expected to change the way consumers use TVs.

More than a home appliance that provides visual entertainment, the series of Android TVs by Skyworth and Toshiba goes beyond showing moving pictures. Just like mobile phones, TVs are also going beyond just performing the main task it was built for.

The Android TV series by the two global tech giants is a "new age gadget" that can be used as a gaming device, an educational tool, a component that plays music and more.

Powered by Google's Android operating system, Android TVs can be easily synched to any mobile phone that run on the same Google powered operating system, enabling the TV to mirror whatever it is on the Android phone.

Setting itself apart from its predecessor, Smart TVs, the new-age technology Android TV Series is solely powered by Android operating system, making it easier to navigate using voice control and of course, Android phones.

The Android TV Series boasts its e voice control feature which cuts command time by half by skipping 3 to five steps as opposed to Smart TV's multi-step command using a remote control.

Android TVs recognize 88 different languages. And with just push of a button content can easily be accessed by saying "what you want" to the interactive TV. The feature opens up apps, searches the web and changes inputs and commands.

Skyworth and Toshiba's Android TV Series also underscores its gaming features. The TVs can change into single and multi player modes to play online and offline games with the use of a specific controller.

The Android TVs also seamlessly integrates and connects with other devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Mobile phones can also be used to control the TV.

Regardless of operating system, mobile phones can be connected to Android TV. Mobile phones that run on other operating systems including iOS can be connected to Android TV by using a downloadable app.

With built in Chromecast, Android TV series enables viewers to stream media from mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

The Android TV series carries OLED display technology which provides cinematic grade color and deep blacks and defined light.

Skyworth and Toshiba TVs are licensed by Google.

Price starts at PHP 35,000 for a 49-inch.
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