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Canon Rolls Out PIXMA E Series Printer Line In PH, For Creative Printout Needs

Digital imaging device developer and manufacturer Canon comes up with yet another line of printers positioned to cater to "creative" printing requirements.
Canon Rolls Out PIXMA E Series Printer Line In PH
Canon PIXMA E series now in PH

The multibillion dollar printing technology company debuted PIXMA E Series, a printer line that produces art quality printouts.

Starting at a price point of PHP 3,695, the PIXMA E series printer line was developed to cater to Canon's family-oriented market.

The PIXMA E series is a high performance line that can keep up with the meticulous requirements of printing skteches, scrapbooking materials, coloring book pages and photos.

The home printer line, as Canon calls it, are wired to easily connect to a home network and to devices used by families.

The PIXMA E series line can print from anywhere through different devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops.

The printer lines has WiFi and also works as a scanner and a fax machine.

The PIXMA line also has a cloud feature called Google Cloud Print 1 service which allows users to "contact" the printer and command it to do printing tasks.

The new printer series can also directly print photos from Facebook albums when used with Cloud Link app.

Not compromising performance over its ultra tech savvy features, the PIXMA E series is engineered for the hardwork. It can print up to 400 black and whites pages and 180 colored pages in one batch of ink cartridge.

Meanwhile, Canon is also strengthening its after-sales services through an app called Canon Red App available for download from Apple Store and Google Playstore.

According to Canon consumers who download the app can enjoy freebies, rewards and discounts.

Canon customers who register via the app will be a priority in service and product loans, free workshops, camera cleaning and extended warranty of up to two years.

The Canon PIXMA E410 is sold at a retail price od P3,695, the Canon PIXMA E510 at PHP 3,995, while the PIXMA E470 is at PHP 4,395 and the PIXMO E480 at PHP 5,995. 

The PIXMA E series come with freebies via the Canon Red App aforementioned above and free black ink.

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