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Starmobile Intros FeatureSmart EVO 1 With VoLTE Support

A basic phone with VoLTE? Why not? Starmobile together with Smart Communications, Inc., just introduced the first phone with public Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE).
Starmobile Intros FeatureSmart Evo1 With VoLTE Support
Starmobile FeatureSmart EVO 1

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Dubbed as the Starmobile FeatureSmart EVO 1, this feature phone is designed to support VoLTE, the standard for high-speed wireless communication that allows users to make calls using 4G network in high quality.

This is a momentous event and Starmobile is proud to be part of this pioneering effort,” said Starmobile COO Michael Chen. "Today, high quality voice calls like you never thought possible is now a reality.  With the new and affordable Starmobile FeatureSmart Evo 1, we are making this world class, cutting edge technology accessible to our fellow Filipinos," he added.

It's a basic bar phone with VoLTE
It's a basic bar phone with VoLTE

If you can recall, Smart together with Ericsson made the country’s first VoLTE call in a Smart facility on a live network.

"VoLTE is the platform of the future in terms of improving the quality of mobile phone voice service available to our customers, and we are excited to partner with Starmobile to start bringing VoLTE-capable handsets to the Philippine market," said Horn.

Checking the specs, the handset has a 2.4 inch colored screen, FM Radio, Bluetooth, micro SD card slot up to 32 GB, VoLTE and up to 200 hours of standby time.

In case there's no VoLTE, the FeatureSmart Evo1 can still be used for regular 2G or 3G calls.

There's no word on the official SRP of the FeatureSmart EVO 1 yet, but Chen stated that it will only cost as much as a pair of jeans.

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