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Canon's varioPrint DP Line Are For Efficient Monochrome Production Printing

According to Canon, the company's varioPrint DP Line of printers boast both speed and reliability, two of the most important things to look in any type of tech.
Canon's varioPrint DP line to revolutionize monochrome printing
Canon's varioPrint DP line to revolutionize monochrome printing

Canon announced the release of the third generation of the varioPrint DP line of products. The newest releases are the Canon varioPrint 140, 150 and 115. These printers are designed to help printing businesses meet high demands of black and white printing projects. Canon aims to achieve this by providing models that can print up to 140 images per minute. The good thing about this is that Canon did not sacrifice print quality just to speed things up. Kudos for that!

Emphasizing on Canon's aim to help printing service providers, Armiliza Liu, Assistant Director of Professional Print Production Business of Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. states:

The varioPRINT DP line highlights Canon’s commitment to address the demands of production markets, providing reliability and versatility for environments with the need for efficient and cost-effective monochrome production printing. 

That is great news for printing service providers! In addition to that:
Known for unrivalled reliability, the varioPRINT DP line coupled with the latest PRISMAsync capabilities are set to enhance throughput, and reduce labor costs as print service providers strive to be more productive and profitable.

With those statements, Canon seems to be very committed in helping printing businesses meet higher demands while providing great quality monochrome prints.

Smart Print Management: Maximizing Productivity

In order to maximize the varioPrint's efficiency and productivity, you will need a tool that can effectively manage your prints. Fortunately, Canon came up with smart printing tools that can help easily manage, monitor and plan printing projects. With hundreds and hundreds of print each day, it is very easy to lose track of different tasks.

With tools such as the PRISMAsync Job Scheduler, PRISMAsync Remote Manager and the PRISMAsynce Remote Control app for smart devices, managing large printing projects is made easier. You can easily monitor your printers even if you are away since you can easily access it via your phone or tablet!

Flexible Workflow and Finishing Options: Simpler Quality Prints

To speed up the workflow, the Windows 10-based PRISMAsync Print Server simplifies the job handling process through its easy visual press console. This simpler process makes it easier for staff to handle which means it also requires less time in training. It is also almost fully automated which means reduced requirement for manual operation.

The PRISMA software suite is designed to accelerate workflows and improve total performance. You also don't have to worry about compatibility with existing workflows such as Web-to-Print solutions and CIP4-compliant MIS because the JDF/JMF interface of the varioPrint DP line allows third-party connectivity.

The varioPrint DP line can also handle a full range of inline finishing and output options such as stapling, saddle stitching, die punching and many more. This allows for a fully automated production of most mass printing projects. If you need a more specialized printing need, Canon got you covered with the Document Finishing Device Interface. This will allow you to connect to a third-party device partnered with a simple output tray for off line finishes.

The varioPrint DP line also boast the ScreenPoint Technology's Supercell rasterization that allows you to produce offset-like, high print quality sharp lines, halftone uniformity and smooth gradations. This system also allows you to output accurate color halftones and photos as grayscale images with no loss in quality. 

It also has the DirectPress Technology that allows consistent, high quality prints through a single and reliable digital process. This is just a great, efficient operating system that will simplify all monochrome printing tasks for big businesses.

Speed, Reliability and Security

We heard about the varioPrint's speed and reliability but what about it's security measures? Canon did not forget about that part. The varioPrint is equipped with the latest security features that can monitor user activity as well as look out for unauthorized usage. The security feature can be as strict as requiring of user authentication by role. This can also be done by employing an LDAP-based login system that is packed with features such as a configurable user interface as well as an extensive auditing system. 

Lastly, the varioPrint is a very energy efficient line of printers. It is among the lowest when it comes to energy consumption in the market. It also has no toner waste so it is very environmentally friendly. Clearly, Canon put a lot of work with this line of printers to help printing service providers be more efficient without sacrificing the print quality they produce.
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