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Cloudfone Posted Growth In Sales Last Year

Amidst the very strong showing of the international smartphone makers, Cloudfone, a local mobile provider was able to post growth in sales last year of 2016.
Cloudfone Posted Growth In Sales Last Year
Mr. Eric Yu, Cellprime CEO

According to GFK's study last first quarter of 2017, Cloudfone was the only local mobile brand to post growth in sales at 11 percent last year, a double digit growth vs. the same period last year.

Last year, Cloudfone has released several very competitive smartphones in the sub PHP 10K range. It includes the bang per buck goodness of the entry-level Excite Prime and midrange Next.

The company followed it up with other strong products like the Thrill Metal series and the Next Lite.

This year of 2017, the company aims to continue their strong showing by releasing the Excite Prime 2 and Thrill Boost 2, two affordable smartphones with good specs to price ratio and innovative features.

Cloudfone has also shifted its focus to the photography and selfie loving crowd. The brand has a new camera interface that's intuitive and feature packed as well.

Late this year, the company will also reveal smartphones with 18:9 aspect ratio akin to what LG and Samsung have with their flagship smartphones right now.

It's also solid indicator that Cloudfone is doing something right in their product offerings and marketing strategies.

There's still hope for local brands right?
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