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Fitbit Officially Launched Ionic Watch

Fitbit is making a buzz in the smartwatch industry by unveiling their newest entry the Fitbit Ionic Watch. However, Fitbit promises that the Ionic is everything a smartwatch is and more.
Fitbit Ionic Watch is now official
Fitbit Ionic Watch is now official

For starters, the Ionic is running a different wearable OS reminiscent of the Pebble watches. This is no surprise because Fitbit acquired Pebble a while back. Feature wise it still has the essentials for a smartwatch such as an accelerator, motion detecting sensor, optical heart-rate monitor, GPS, NFC chip (for contactless transactions) and SpO2 sensor for checking blood oxygen saturation levels. There is also a guided breathing feature in case you need to meditate in the middle of a stressful day.
The Fitbit Ionic is water resistant as well
The Fitbit Ionic is water resistant as well

You can also use this to monitor activities involving water like swimming and such as it is water resistant as well. There is also a 2.5GB storage for music with Pandora Premium integration.

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Fitbit promises a four day stand-by battery life and up to 10 hours with music and GPS usage. For a more detailed look at the specs, here you go:

Fitbit Ionic Specs

Display: 1.42-inch 348 x 250 resolution w/ Sapphire Glass protection at 302 ppi
ROM: 2.5GB
Battery: LiPo with up to 5 days battery life
Compatibility: Android and iOS
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC
Sensors: 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate tracker, SpO2, altimeter, light, vibration
Others: Water resistance
Price: PHP 15,690

At around USD 299.95 that roughly translates to PHP 15,300, the Ionic is Fitbit's attempt for a smartwatch with a wider range of accessories including Fitbit's first audio gear and with several straps. The straps include a classic, leather, and sports variant that will make your Fitbit Ionic 'fit' (PUNS!) every occasion.

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Source: Fitbit
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