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Four Reasons Why This ASUS ZenFone Will Make You Standout

ASUS ZenFones has performed better than expected for the price most of the time. As a result, those handsets have captured the attention of many Filipinos. Most are has capable cameras to impressive battery life.
Four Reasons Why This ASUS Zenfone Will Make You Standout
Why Zenfone?

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Now, it's time to check the four reasons why having this ASUS ZenFone in your pocket might make you standout. Let's start!
Dual cameras, designed for photography
Dual cameras, designed for photography

Four reasons why this ASUS ZenFone will make you standout

1. A superior battery life that keeps up with you - This ZenFone is equipped with WHOPPING 5,000 mAh of battery capacity paired with battery efficient type of processor. It can easily last for up to two days of heavy usage on a single charge.

No more low battery struggles? Possible!

2. Catching the moment is a breeze - ASUS loves photography. This handset should not disappoint. Based on the image we obtained, this smartphone has a dual camera setup. Moreover, it's equipped color correction, wide digital image stabilizer, and real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR).

3. A design that lets you show your personality - It's sleek, stylish, sturdy. It also has black, white, silver, pink, blue and purple color options to fit your own unique personality.

Fun right?

4. A quality phone that pays off We don't know its expect price yet, but Asus promised that this midrange ZenFone will come at a reasonable price. It's designed for photo enthusiasts with good battery life and great overall performance.

Moreover, there are budget and more premium units for anyone on a lookout for a specific and advanced specs.

August 19 is the day!
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