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Acer PH Celebrated World Acer Day With Ball Pit Party!

August 3 (8/3) is World Acer Day and Acer PH epitomizes their "Be Cool Everyday" theme with a celebration of a Grand Ball Pit Party at Glorietta Activity Center!
Acer PH Celebrated World Acer Day With Ball Pit Party!
Ball Pit Party by Acer!

The leading tech and innovations company, Acer celebrates world Acer Day in the Philippines with a Grand Ball Pit Party at the Glorietta Activity Center!

In line with the global look and theme of "Be cool Everyday", the activity center was transformed into a gigantic ball pit for the whole day where mall guests can enter and play freely at multiple stations! 

The ball pit served as a backdrop to performances of various well known artists like Basti Artadi and Kjwan with lively music sets by DJs Euric and Nina!

Acer Day was conceptualized to continxually refresh and breathe new life into the brand, as well as to boost the public’s awareness and knowledge about Acer products, shares Sue Ong-Lim, Sales and Marketing Director of Acer Philippines. This year’s celebration is the first of many to come, and consumers can trust that it will only get better from here.

Acer day is the first and largest transnational brand day event that kicked off in 14 countries including the Philippines where August 3 was chosen because 8 - 3 sounds like Acer!
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