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Google To Unleash New Pixel Phones On October 4

Time to mark our calendars? Google has just launched a teaser video on YouTube asking "dissatisfied smartphone users" to stay tuned for more this October 4.
New Pixel phones on October 4?
New Pixel phones on October 4?

Why? It appears that Google will reveal the 2nd generation Pixel phones on that day, the company's flagship smartphones with pure Google and Android experience.

According to the teaser, it could be a phone that will always stay fast, won't take blurry photos, won't run out of storage, will always be updated, won't get hot, will understand you, and will have long battery life.

Going to the rumored specs, Evan Blass, a very reliable leaker has posted that the phone could come with the new Snapdragon 836 SoC, but it might not be the case as there are claims that Qualcomm won't create that refreshed chip this year.

Anyway, the Pixel is reportedly splitting the manufacturing of the phones to LG and HTC. LG would create the bigger phone while HTC would be the one responsible for the smaller one.

For now, the rest of the missing details are still unverified. But, let's expect the new Pixel phones to have top notch specs, features, and performance.

A 6 inch Pixel 2 XL and a 5 inch Pixel 2 perhaps? Let's see!

Who's excited?
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