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Counterpoint: Huawei Beats Apple As The Number 2 Smartphone Brand In The World

According to Counterpoint, a global tech market research firm, Huawei just passed Apple as the number 2 smartphone brand in the world last June and July 2017.
Counterpoint: Huawei Beats Apple As The Number 2 Smartphone Brand In The World
Huawei vs Apple

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Strong sales last June and July propelled the surging Chinese brand to beat Apple in terms of overall smartphone sales. Samsung is still the current leader.

Discussing this key competitive development, Counterpoint’s Research Director Peter Richardson, notes, This is a significant milestone for Huawei, the largest Chinese smartphone brand with a growing global presence. It speaks volumes for this primarily network infrastructure vendor on how far it has grown in the consumer mobile handset space in the last three to four years. The global scale Huawei has been able to achieve can be attributed to its consistent investment in R&D and manufacturing, coupled with aggressive marketing and sales channel expansion.

Those smartphones includes the Leica co-engineered: Huawei P9 series, P10 series, and Mate series. In other parts of the world, their Honor sub brand is also very popular among consumers who seeks affordable devices with great performance.

Mr. Richardson adds, While this streak could be temporary considering the annual iPhone refresh is just around the corner, it nevertheless underscores the rate at which Huawei has been growing. However, a weak presence in the South Asian, Indian and North American markets limits Huawei’s potential in the near-to mid-term to take a sustainable second place position behind Samsung. Huawei is over-dependent on its home market China where it enjoys the leadership position and operator-centric markets in Europe, Latin America and Middle East.

Huawei's answer to the upcoming iPhone is their own Mate 10 this October 16 with Leica cameras, full screen display, and the AI ready Kirin 970 processor.

Let's see!

Source: Counterpoint
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