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Expand Your Horizon Through YouTube Videos

YouTube has grown so much from its humble beginnings from 2005. It now has millions of videos online with billions of people tuning every day. You can even learn a lot just by watching YouTube videos.
Expand Your Horizon Through YouTube Videos
Learn new skills

If you have a hobby or skill that you want to master then YouTube is a good place to watch educational tutorial videos for it. From learning how to draw manga style sketches, learning a new language and even financial management, you can find something that will expand your skill set.

For instance, the YouTube channel Pinoy Money Academy, helps people understand how to properly invest in the stock market or try entrepreneurship. The YouTuber that handles the teaching part is former college instructor J3 Patiño. His video "3 Forgotten Laws of Saving Money" garnered more than 460,000.

Here's what J3 has to say about his motivations and drive:

If you force yourself to publish a video every week, you learn something new in the process. You push yourself. You grow out of your limits. You grow out of your comfort zone and you become more creative, so you get more ideas.

Another great example of learning from YouTube is Gian Javelona's rise to success. He went on YouTube to learn how to code and ultimately create his own apps. Gian thinks that coding will be a profitable and useful skill in this era of fast improving technology and man was he right. He developed a platform wherein handling classes, viewing grades and other school administrative processes can be more easily. The app was a hit and that pushed Gian to start his own company, Orangeapp, at just 19 years old.

Lastly, Ana Park's channel Buhay Korea is a great way to learn Korean language. She is a Filipino who is living in Seoul since 2003. Aside from vlogs of her kife in Korea, she also posts Korean language tutorials for people who are deep in the Oppa-life. 

Ana enjoys how easy it is to organize her videos in YouTube stating:

I chose to upload on YouTube because I could organize the videos in a playlist. It is easier to arrange them in a series. In my own simple  way, I could help my fellow Filipinos learn a language that could help them communicate with Koreans and enjoy Korean content while also being able to share my adoptive country's culture. 

YouTube is a melting pot for culture, skills and hobbies. You can learn a lot no matter what particular interest you have. You can even be a YouTube creator yourself as everyone will have something to share the world and will have the opportunity to help others.
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