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Microsoft Launches Video To Empower Students With Special Needs

Microsoft just launched a new video showing an example of how technology of the company's accessibility features can empower students with special needs.
Microsoft Launches Video To Empower Students With Special Needs
Bertrand Launay - Microsoft Philippines Managing Director

Microsoft Accessibility is designed to make Windows accessible for the over 1 billion people with disabilities in the world. It's a specially crafted tool that provides opportunity for people of all abilities to work and explore what's possible.

According to the recent 
Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation Study done across 13 markets in Asia, 87% of business leaders from the education sector agreed that every organization, including educational institutions, needs to transform into a digital business to enable future growth. 

The Philippines, a country with 25.4 million K-12 learners and a fast growing economy is one of them. Microsoft ensures that their technology is accessible to everyone even to those people with disabilities.

Bertrand Launay, Managing Director, Microsoft Philippines, reiterates Microsoft’s firm commitment to the digital transformation of education in the Philippines.

We at Microsoft create technology that recognizes the diversity in learning and we have created tools that empower all students, he said. 

In relation, Microsoft has just launched a video showing the company's commitment to inclusive learning. It's a video that focuses on technology for visually impaired.

The video shows students from the Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of the Visually Impaired (ATRIEV), and shows how visually impaired learners can gain important computer science skills that will help increase their employability opportunities.

Yes, even visually impaired individuals could be very productive using Microsoft's assistive technology tools such as audio Narrator were utilized in order for the students to use basic office productivity tools and even computer programming and coding.

Other learning tools like the Microsoft OneNote was also demoed. These learning tools can even improve reading and writing experience for those with dyslexia.

Education for everyone? Why not!
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