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Video: LG G6 Audio Recording Sample

Among all the modern flagships we tested, the LG G6 is the most multimedia centric. Aside from its wide 5.7 inch screen w/ 18:9 aspect ratio, this handset was also designed to take great photos, enjoy HiFi audio quality contents, and shoot good videos.
LG G6 Audio Recording Sample
LG G6 audio recording sample

In the video recording mode LG G6, you can enter the manual mode for pro video settings. Inside the manual video mode, users may also have access to record HiFi audio. 

Yes, like the V20, LG highlights that the G6 has the ability to record HiFi audio even if it only has 2 microphones vs 3 of V20. In particular, you may use the sliders for gain, low-cut filter, limited, and wind filter.

However, what if you are not too knowledgeable on that part? Can the LG G6 still record great audio? Our answer is a resounding YES! Have a listen!

LG G6 audio recording (auto mode)

Why? Even on auto mode, the audio from the video we recorded is very well detailed and fairly musical with above-average loudness. Soundstage is even surprisingly wide and the overall quality is pretty solid for a smartphone.

The downside is it records even some of the slightest noise in your surrounding if you are not in manual audio recording mode.

But, overall, this smartphone can record good videos with solid audio quality even if you are a newbie.
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