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How To Check If Your Phone Really Has Dual Camera Support?

This 2017, many smartphone brands globally have jumped into the dual camera bandwagon. Why? Devices with dual camera setups can help you take better photos.
How To Check If Your Phone Really Has Dual Camera Support?
Real dual cameras?

If properly implemented, dual camera modules that works together can shoot images with better detail, colors, and depth information. It could even help you shoot better stills in lowlight.

In addition, different dual cam setups will enable you to do shoot in pure monochrome mode, zoom without much losing details, and capture scenes in very wide angle.

Moreover, many of them can help you access either wide aperture mode or portrait mode to mimic the bokeh or deep background blur effect of bigger DSLR cameras. 

But, not every phone with dual camera setups that was recently released really has support for dual cameras. Some of them only has software tricks to achieve the DSLR-like background blur. As a result, results won't look as good compared with handsets with real dual camera support.

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How to check if a smartphone has TRUE dual camera support

1. Check the processor specifications for model numbers. For MediaTek, at least MT6737, MT6750T while for Snapdragon at least 425 / 430 has dual camera support. Of course, all models that come after the models mentioned above support dual cameras. Older models would need a separate image processor for dual cameras to work. 
2. Check if both lens are open and are working with the stock camera app.
3. If the company claims that the second camera is a monochrome sensor (without a color aray), switch the app to the monochrome sensor and then cover the RGB lens. If the viewfinder shows the object you covered the RGB lens then it is using the RGB. Therefore it is not a true dual camera set up.
4. DO NOT buy clones. They most of the time use fake dual cameras.
5. The respectable brands like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, Meizu, OPPO, Vivo, ASUS, Cloudfone and the like will more likely not do something this underhanded.

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