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We Used The Vivo V5s As Our Main Travel Camera To Bohol!

Capturing beautiful memories & moments into pictures have always been a big part of travelling so we decided to see if the Vivo V5s can hold its own as a main travel camera!
#Perfect Selfie, Virgin Island Panglao, Bohol!

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Understandably, traveling domestic on a budget required travelling light to save on unnecessary fees for excess luggage. The team member decided to only pack light and bring the usual three mobile phones. One for work, one for personal and one for review. Coincidentally, we brought along the newly announced Vivo V5s with a smartphone gimbal.
It's main camera is pretty capable in daylight as well!
It's main camera is pretty capable in daylight as well!

It was the perfect opportunity to see how the Vivo V5s performed as a travel selfie camera and a travel vlogging camera now that we have gimbal in tow, the Zhiyun Smooth 3.

The V5s already performed well as a selfie camera, as video-logging camera is a different ball park. With several destinations in line, you will find below image and video samples from the V5s' main and selfie cameras.

As you can see, the stills are sharp, saturated and beautiful. The same goes for video although there is a noticeable amount of aliasing. Otherwise it performed great!

My only gripe was the fact that the screen couldn't win against the 9 am sun which lead the display not visible when taking pictures on manual mode. I couldn't see the settings and the toggles. It was a little frustrating that I couldn't take Pro Mode landscape shots. I was forced to settle on auto which isn't bad. It's great, I just wanted to take pictures at slow shutter speeds to get that silky water effect.

So if you ever found yourself in a situation where you only had the V5s as your phone, it can perform wonderfully!
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