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ZTE Axon M With Foldable Dual Screen Will Launch This October

Via Android Authority, ZTE just teased the "Axon Multy" smartphone. It's a "futuristic" and "innovative" device which sports a unique foldable dual-screen.
ZTE Axon M With Foldable Dual Screen Will Launch This October
The first phone w/ foldable dual screen?

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The Axon Multy that could launch as the Axon M is not the first to do this trick on a smartphone. Samsung has teased devices w/ foldable screen concept before. But, ZTE could be the first brand to commercially release a device w/ this type of technology.

The foldable screen was designed to improve productivity and multitasking on the go. Users can use two apps at the same time w/ ease and offer a mini PC like experience.

Specs-wise, the the ZTE Axon M is quite powerful. First, it highlights two Full HD displays, which could fold into a single 6.8 inch big handset w/ 2160 x 1920 resolution. According to Android Authority, the device appears to function as a regular smartphone on a sleek frame when folded.

Inside, it will reportedly have a Snapdragon 820 or 821 quad core chip, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, and 3,120 mAh battery.

The handset could be an AT&T exclusive in the US for USD 650 or around PHP 33K.

Could this handset usher a new era in smartphone experience?

Is it a possible game changer?

We'll see!

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