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ASUS PH Officially Launches ROG Premium Care

ASUS Philippines celebrated 10 years of dominance and excellence by officially announcing their All-In Premium Maintenance Service for their gaming laptops, the ROG Premium Care.
ASUS PH announces ROG Premium Care
ASUS PH announces ROG Premium Care

This will provide their local fans with a free preventive maintenance and checkup for the ROG series and FX series laptops. All models purchased from Local Authorized Resellers will be able to take advantage of this within the 24 month warranty period. The warranty stands as long as there aren't any customer induced damage. The Serial Number will also be validated through their database as well.
ASUS Country Manager George Su presents the ROG Premium Care features
ASUS Country Manager George Su presents the ROG Premium Care features

ASUS is committing to to provide excellent service for their customers with a wide array of service options that come with ROG Premium Care. Services like extending your warranty to even on site repairs, ASUS is really going to give you and your laptop a good dose of TLC.

George Su, Systems Group Country Manager, stated this about the ROG Premium Care:

At ASUS we strive to offer the best product experience possible to all our end-users and fans. The ROG Premium Care program is one of the many efforts that we have to better our customer service and it is born out of our passion to provide superior service excellence.

ROG and FX laptop owners will experience a step-by-step maintenance service.

9 Steps Of ROG Premium Maintenance Program

  1. Over-All System Diagnosis
  2. Thermal Compound Re-pasting
  3. Fan / Air Vent cleaning
  4. Memory “golden pins” cleaning
  5. Keyboard Cleaning
  6. Cosmetics Part Cleaning
  7. LCD Cleaning
  8. Recommendations 
  9. Final Over-All System Check-Up
This is great news for people who want to maintain their beloved ROG and FX laptops. We all know how important maintenance is for techs like this. 

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