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UBTECH Robotics Launches Two Robots In The Philippines

UBTECH Rocotics is best known for their projects with AI and humanoid robotics. Recently they launched two robots that aims to advance robotics in the Philippines. They are named Alpha1 Pro and Jimu Robot.
UBTECH Robotics Launches Two Robots In The Philippines
UBTECH Robotics has two new robots in the Philippines

First off, the Alpha1 Pro is a household programmable humanoid robot designed to either entertain or educate. It has 16 high-precision servo motors for it's capability to replicate human movements such as push ups, walking, choreography and even kung-fu. 

The 3D programming software and the PRP (Pose, Record, Playback) functionality is all controlled in one smartphone app which makes operation seamless. The Alpha1 Pro is designed to be a part of your family which makes it possible for you to teach it to dance, tell stories to children, play sports and more.

The app partnered with the Alpha1 Pro is acessible via iOS and Android as well. Through you can issue commands, control it and more. The app will be able to connect to up to 5 robots at once via Bluetooth 4.0.

The programming software is available for Windows and Mac OS. Here you can personalize your robot's movements using the 3D interface. You can also add music or a voice clip. You can then upload it to the robot via USB or the app itself.

The next ones are the Jimu Robots. These are aimed to a younger audience as it functions as intelligent building blocks. The Jimu robots has 3 aims: For kids and teens to build, program and share.

These Jimu Robot kits have interchangeable parts that will make sure for thousands of creative combinations available.

Kids can build their own robots with various functions and with endless creative possibilities. They can then program their robots movements through the Jimu app. Lastly, they can share their creations via the Jimu online community.

Here are the price list for all the robots available in the PH:

1. Alpha1 Pro - PHP 39,999
2. Astrobot Jimu Robot Kit - PHP 14,995
3. Buzzbot and Multibot Jimu Robot Kit - PHP 13,995
4. Tankbot Jimu Robot Kit - PHP 9.995

These robot kits will be available soon in leading retailers such as Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, Powermac, SM Appliance, AHHA, Cybertab North EDSA, Astro and Tekplaystore.

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