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Canalys: Huawei is still the King in China, Apple grows by 40% for Q3 2017

According to the latest report of Canalys, a well known market research firm, Chinese smartphone shipments has registered another quarter of decline.
Top 5 in China last Q3 2017

The market has contracted by 5% in Q3 2017 or 119 million units. Huawei is still the king of the hill w/ 19% of the market share, but the race to the top remains very tight as OPPO and Vivo took 18% and 17% of the market share respectively. Vivo had an impressive 26% growth while OPPO is on a slight decline. Xiaomi also made it to the top 4.
Apple finally bounced back in China
Apple finally bounced back in China

The surprise? Apple! Apple's decline in China has come to an end. Apple's shipments grew 40% from just 8 million last Q3 2016 to 11 million last Q3 2017! Apple’s success in China could be due to the iPhone 8 series. However, this growth could be just temporary.

Apple’s growth this quarter is only temporary. The high sell-in caters to the pent-up demand of iPhone upgraders in the absence of the iPhone X. Price cuts on earlier models after announcing the iPhone 8 have also helped. However, Apple is unlikely to sustain this growth in Q4, said Canalys Research Analyst Mo Jia.

Top 5 Smartphone brands in China Q3 2017

1. Huawei
3. Vivo
4. Xiaomi
5. Apple

Q4 will be a highly competitive quarter off the bat, with the 11.11 online shopping festival taking center stage. On the back of its aggressive offline expansion, Xiaomi is poised to break the dominance of Huawei, Oppo and Vivo next quarter, making it an even tighter battle to the top.

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Source: Canalys
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