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Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 Pro vs Huawei Nova 2i - Mini Camera Comparison

Cloudfone's newly launched Excite Prime 2 Pro has one of the most impressive camera specs in the PHP 10K range. But, can it compete with the higher-end phones?
Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 Pro vs Huawei Nova 2i - Camera Comparison
CEP 2 Pro vs Nova 2i

In particular, we decided to pit it against the hot-selling Huawei Nova 2i, a fan favorite midranger. It's one of the very few phones equipped w/ a total of four cameras, two behind and two in front.

Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 Pro vs Huawei Nova 2i Camera Specs Comparison

Device:Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 ProHuawei Nova 2i
Back Camera:13MP 3L8 + 8 MP 4H8 f/2.0 w/ AF, 2x optical zoom, portrait mode and LED flash16 MP + 2 MP f/2.2 w/ PDAF, OIS, and dual tone LED flash
Selfie Camera:20MP f/2.0 Sony IMX376 w/ portrait mode and softlight LED flash13 MP + 2 MP f/2.0 w/ softlight flash

Capable midrange camera phones
Both has dual cams behind

On first look, the Nova 2i is generally ahead in terms of main camera specs. For selfies, it is debatable. The higher pixel count of the Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 Pro could be a factor. But, the dual front camera setup of the Nova 2i is very capable too.

Disclaimer: All images are described based on our subjective opinions and experiences.

Scene 1 - Daylight 1
In this scene, the Nova 2i's shot has better exposure, punchier colors, and sharper details. The CEP 2 Pro is also quite capable, but it is noticeably underexposed compared w/ the Nova 2i. Nova 2i - 1 point

Scene 2 - Daylight 2
We took this outdoor shot one gloomy afternoon. Cloudfone's offering has the better colors. But, Huawei captured the wider dynamic range and better details. It is also better in exposure. Nova 2i - 2 points

Scene 3 - Indoor Close-up
The CEP 2 Pro produced some nice warm tones w/ slightly deeper background blur. But, the Huawei Nova 2i accurately got the blueish hue during that time. Nova 2i's details on the subject are sharper as well. Nova 2i - 3 points

Scene 4 - Night Mode
Both shined in this scene. For a sub PHP 10K phone, the Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 Pro has one of the most impressive night shots out there. It is well exposed as well. But, Huawei's night mode is more refined, has more details, and has less grains. Nova 2i - 4 points

Scene 5 - Selfie Daylight Portrait Mode
In these scene, Nova 2i showed got the better depth because of its dual camera setup. On the other hand, the background blur on the Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 Pro is exposed and washed. But, the colors are punchier and the details are better on the subject. CEP 2 Pro - 1 point

Scene 6 - Indoor Selfie
I like the colors on the Nova 2i better as I find CEP 2 Pro's color to be oversaturated. But, that's just fine. CEP 2 Pro has the better dynamic range and details in this scene. CEP 2 Pro - 2 points

Scene 7 - Night Selfie Close-up w/ flash

Both did very well in this scene. I slightly like the color tone and the flash on the Nova 2i. But, the CEP 2 Pro produced the more detailed selfie again. CEP 2 Pro - 3 points


The Huawei Nova 2i is the superior phone when it comes to the main camera. It shoots sharper images and produced the better colors and exposure most of the time.

For selfies, the Nova 2i is also very good. But, it is evident that Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 Pro shoots selfies w/ better details.

Both are good shooters for their respective price ranges. The Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 Pro is arguably the best under PHP 10K while the Huawei Nova 2i is probably the best under PHP 15K when it comes to mobile photography.
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