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Jollibee leads in Digital Engagement among QSRs in the Philippines

Jollibee, the number 1 fast food chain in the Philippines is also the leader and game changer in terms of consumer engagement in terms of digital content. Their viral ad campaigns has definitely changed the game in marketing.
Jollibee leads in Digital Engagement among QSRs in the Philippines
Jollibee leads in Digital Engagement among QSRs in the Philippines

Along with their signature langhap-sarap food, Jollibee has been ricking the online media outlets with viral content. They are releasing viral hits one after the other.

According to Mediacom and Thoughtbuzz, two of the leading social media listening tools, Jollibee outranked all other quick service restaurants (QSR), fron January to June 2017 in therms of digital engagement. This is especially true when it comes to Facebook where in they had 37% of majority share in terms of engagement. That is twice more compared to their leading foreign competitor. In addition to that, Jollibee also garnered more than 1.5 millions conversation mentions which is more than three times what their competitors got.

Jollibee Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer and PH Marketing Head, Francis Flores shares this about their social media success:

Jollibee’s stellar digital success has been key to sustaining our market leadership in the country, across all our major target markets. Through world-class, highly engaging online content and digital innovations, we will continue to break the internet to reinforce our position as the Philippines’ most loved, most talked about brand. For us in Jollibee, capturing the hearts of the Filipinos online (and offline) is the ultimate reward.

Everything started from their viral campaigned entitled "Kwentong Jollibee" which garnered praise from netizens and industry leaders alike.

The Valentine's Day episodes, "Vow", "Date" and "Crush" pulled the strings of the hearts of millions of people. It garnered more than 50 million of accumulate views on Facebook and YouTube along with 1.3 million shares, 72 million in engagement and more than 82 million reach (72% organic reach). That success garnered more than PHP 150 million in free PR and media values.

They continued their success with subsequent releases such as "Apo", "Powers" and the short film entitled "Handog Para Kay Lola Belen". These got millions of views and shares as well.
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