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Adobomall looks to make Holiday Shopping easier

During the holiday season it is fun to shop for gifts especially during sales. However, traffic jams, long queues and overly crowded malls makes the it hard.
Adobomall looks to make Holiday Shopping easier
Kris Aquino partners up with Adobomall

Adobomall wants to bring the mall into your living room while your relaxing while sipping a cup fo coffee. Adobomall now has an app that will bring more than 300 retail brands right under your fingertips. It is a shopping experience wherein you can find great deals that you can't find anywhere else.

With the help of Filipino start-up tech team of Innerworks led by their CEO Steven Young, they have filled in the gap between shopping and technology. Adobomall is the Philippine's first online shopping mall and it is proving to be more than just a mall.

Young stated this about Adobomall:

adobomall is a vision, it’s not just a mall, we strive to give experiential value to the customers. On top of that, the biggest value we bring is that we are the only platform that is purely authentic and genuine. When it comes to authenticity, trust and having the technological capacity, its adobomall.

Adobomall wants to make a mark in the global business and tech world the way adobo marked it's place in global culinary. More than 300 merchants are offering exclusive items in the adobomall app. These merchants include Apple, Coca-Cola, Digital Walker, Kamiseta, Fisher Price, Fujifilm and Wilson.

The Adobomall app aims to revolutionize the local online shopping. They are pioneering the Augmented Reality shoppine experience wherein users can get exclusive deals when you checkout specific geotagged locations. In addition to that, adobomall aims to roll out the first smart and sensitive shopping app that really adjusts to your habits and preferences.

They even have Kris Aquino as one of their endorser. She is a meticulous and discerning shopper and she believes that Adobomall delivers authenticity, quality and integrity.

Visit https://www.adobomall.com/ for more info.
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