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Apple to use MediaTek modems for the next-gen iPhones next year

Latest report from WSJ said that Apple is planning to ditch Qualcomm for MediaTek mobile modems for the next generation iPhones that will launch in 2018.
Apple to use MediaTek modems for the next-gen iPhones next year
Apple x MediaTek soon?

As most people know, Apple has an on-going battle between Qualcomm. It is said to be the main reason why Apple is considering MediaTek this time.

In addition, Digitimes report claims that Apple is looking at MediaTek as a potential partner as they have enough resources and pricing advantages to supply Apple with modems for the next iPhones.

MediaTek is said to have the technological competitiveness, comprehensive product blueprints, and reliable logistic support. Those are the traits that Apple follows for their chip solution across different products.

The possible partnership between Apple and MediaTek could also be more than just modems too. MediaTek could also help Apple with smart speakers, wireless charging devices, and wireless connection systems.

However, this is just a rumor for now. MediaTek has declined to comment on the on-going development.

Sources: FoneArena, Digitimes
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