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Apple to Customers: We Do Not Shorten the Lifespan of Apple Products

Due to the backlash of Apple's admission of purposely slowing down performance on iPhones with older batteries. They have released a message to their customers.
Apple: We do not slow down your iPhone
Apple: We do not slow down your iPhone

On December 28th, Apple released a letter wherein they stated that they have been aware of the feedback their customers have about their practices on handling the performance of iPhones with older batteries. They apologized to their fans and assured that the issue's roots all point to a lot of misunderstandings.

They said that they only strive to provide their fans with devices that can provide a great user experience and durability that can last a long time. They said that they would never do anything to degrade their product's lifespan just to push the customers to upgrade.

The release of iOS 10.2.1 aims to reduce unexpected shutdowns on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and the iPhone SE with older and chemically degraded batteries. They lower down the clock speeds to make sure that users can still use their iPhones continuously albeit being a slower. However, the clock speeds will be automatically reverted back to normal once a replacement battery is installed.

To compensate their customers due to poor communication or lack thereof, Apple is providing a discount on new batteries. For people who has an iPhone 6 or later, they can get a replacement battery for only USD 29. That is a USD 50 drop off from the original price of USD 79.

Apple is slated to release a software update in 2018 that will allow them to see their battery's health and see if it will affect the overall performance of their iPhone. This will then prompt them to opt for a new battery or upgrade to a newer iPhone model.

Source: Apple 
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