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Editor's Choice: Selfie Smartphone of 2017 - Vivo V7!

Selfie centric phones have hit the market by storm that caused smartphone trends where smartphone manufacturers to significantly improve their selfie game.
Editor's Choice: Selfie Smartphone of 2017 - Vivo V7!
Selfie phone of the year, Vivo V7!

With the huge influx of selfie centric phones, the competition was fierce but only one phone stood out after our grueling testing it came down to the OPPO F5, Huawei Nova 2i, and Vivo V7 / V7+.

We compared the three and found that each had their strengths and weaknesses. Each one of them takes beautiful selfies in the mid-range department, but one phone stood out because it takes beautiful selfies, the Vivo V7!

The Vivo V7 and Vivo V7+ has the same 24MP selfie camera, but we picked the Vivo V7 as it the more affordable of the two. It also has impressive resolution, color accuracy, and good lowlight performance.

In addition, it has several useful modes for selfies like the face beauty mode, portrait mode, and softlight LED flash.

In particular, we like its ability to take selfies in low light conditions where even higher priced phones struggle.

A good example are the pictures below. The first picture shows an accurate exposure of how dark the location was. The second picture shows how powerful the selfie camera is and was able to improve the brightness of the exposure without drawbacks like increased grain and loss of resolution.
Main cam lowlight
Main cam lowlight
Selfie cam lowlight
Selfie cam lowlight

Some great portrait samples in daylight and lowlight below. Have a look.
Portrait daylight
Lowlight portrait with face beauty and softlight flash
Lowlight portrait with face beauty and softlight flash

Moreover, its 10+ hours of battery life and decent gaming performance make this phone decent overall.

Honorable Mentions: Huawei Nova 2i, OPPO F5

Do you agree with our pick? 

Let us know in the comments below!
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