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Baseus Encok H07 Review - Hi-Res audio certified IEM on a budget!

In case you missed it, Baseus "Based on User", a promising foreign tech accessories and gadgets shop, just opened their very first store in the Philippines.
Baseus Encok H07 Review - Hi-Res audio certified IEM on a budget!
 Meet Baseus Encok H07

From their wide array of accessories and gadgets, one certain product caught our attention, the Encok H07.

Why? The Baseus Encok H07 is currently the most affordable in-ear monitors in the country that has Hi-Res audio at just PHP 990!

It means that it passed Japan's stringent Hi-Res high quality audio product certification which assures great "audiophile grade" overall sound quality.

Normally, earphones w/ Hi-Res certification are priced in the over PHP 4K price range!

Sounds fun right? Here's our  Baseus Encok H07 review!

Baseus Encok H07 Specs

Drivers: Hi-Res certified dynamic drivers
Sensitivity: 106dB
Frequency response: 20 - 40kHz
Connector: 3.5 mm gold plated L-shaped jack
Cable: 1.2 m
Others: Microphone w/ mini single key, CE, RoHS and FCC certifications, Colors: black, red, silver
Price: PHP 990

Disclaimer: This is a seeded unit for review from Baseus Philippines. Rest is assured of our honest take always.

Unboxing / Accessories

Clean box
Clean box

The IEM arrived in a simple white box showing the photo of the model name of the earphones, print of the earphones itself, and the Hi-Res audio certification logo. Behind, it has most of the details like the specs and features of this IEM.
Everything inside
Everything inside

Inside, you'll find the earphones itself, 3 sizes of eartips, and paper documents. It has no other free case, cable clip, and etc.

That's fine considering the very low price of this phone for the promised audio quality.

Build Quality / Design

Decent build and design for the price
Decent build and design for the price

The Encok H07 is surprisingly well made for the price. It has a Sanblasted oxidized metal + ABS plastic body, TPU coated cables, silicon eartips, rubber strain reliefs and y-splitter, and gold plated 3.5 mm L-shaped jack.
Metal filters
Metal filters
Mic w/ single button
Mic w/ single button
L-shaped gold plated 3.5 mm jack
L-shaped gold plated 3.5 mm jack

Durability of this IEM should be decent due to its nice overall construction. We also liked that Baseus added strain reliefs on the body and the L-shaped jack for better flexibility and protection against accidental pulls.

Decent build and design for the price!

It has no strain relief on the y-splitter area and cable cinch for better cable management though. The TPU coated cable looks decent, but it could have been thicker.

Design-wise, it has the a minimalist looking CD stripes on the body. The body also has a 120-degree angled design for better comfort.

It also has a rounded marker at the left barrel that's designed to help you determine the left and right barrel of the Encok H07.

Comfort / Isolation

Nice tips!
Nice tips!

Wearing style could be tricky at first. But, once you get used to wearing it, comfort is GREAT. It has no sharp edges and eartips are soft. It's also lightweight and non-fatiguing at all. It could be worn over-ear or straight down style.

Isolation is better than average. You don't have to insert the IEM deeply to block the noise better. Plus, this isn't the type of isolation that will totally block your surroundings. Just fine!

Microphonics is great even if you wear it straight down. Cable noise is very minimal even when moving.


Aside from its Hi-Res audio. The Encok H07 also has an in-line microphone w/ single button for calls and recordings.

You can short click to play and stop, double click to next song, triple click to last song. Also,  you may short click to accept or hang calls and long click to refuse calls.

Recording quality is nothing exceptional, but it is good and clear enough for calls. 

Sound Quality

This Baseus IEM has a single dynamic driver w/ built-in coaxial damped system and wo tuning holes. Baseus claims that it can deliver full rich balanced sound performance and deep bass response for a sub PHP 1K set.

Audio quality is AMAZING for the price!

To be honest, at first we have doubts if the Encok H07 can really deliver their promise of great sound on a budget. But, fortunately, this is a REALLY GOOD sounding set for the price.

Yes, it has a more of a balanced sound signature w/ good amount of warmness. The amount of bass is strong and tight too, but controlled and far from overpowering. Sub-bass is also existent. It isn't just as extended versus the higher-end sets from RHA, Sony, and etc.

But, bass response is better even against my ageing yet trusty SoundMagic E10. It can also compete w/ the likes of RHA S500i and Mi Hybrids for less.

Mids are full in sound and has better layering than the OnePlus Bullets V2. It is also considered as natural sounding for the price. Both male and female vocals can shine on this one.

Highs is surprisingly great and well detailed. It even has the sparkle and extension we missed coming from most budget earphones. It could get peaky on some bright songs though.

Soundstage is forward average. We would have liked it better if it is wider. But, this is an IEM, not a headphone, and that's just fine.

It sounded well from instrumental, bassy, rock, and live tracks. This is a good all-rounder that's easy to drive. Minimal distortion is present on max loudness.

Pros - Decent build, nice comfort, good isolation, well balanced sound, amazing price to performance ratio
ConsNo strain reliefs at the y-splitter, tangle prone cable


The Baseus Encok H07 is arguably the best under PHP 1K today! Sound quality is cleaner and better than most you'll find at this price point. All its minor weaknesses are very forgiveable.

Why? Its Hi-Res certification is legit.

Build / Design - 4
Comfort / Isolation - 4.25
Sound - 4.25
Average - 4.167 / 5
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