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Meitu introduces Andy the ArtBot which turns your photos to paintings

Meitu Inc., the maker of the photo editing app Meitu, is serious in their pursuit of beauty. Now, they are delving in to A.I.and created Andy the Artbot.
Meitu introduces Andy the ArtBot
Andy the Artbot turns your photos to paintings

Unlike other photo editing apps that simply add effects and filters, Andy breaks up the image and reconstructs the photos to create a work of art out of them. Andy's A.I can even recognize a human subject, take it from the original background and then make a brand new painting.

Since Andy is an A.I. bot, it will continue to improve and learn as time goes by. It will be able to create painting styles of its own that may not be in the levels of Picasso or Van Gogh but can be the style of the future.

You just need to download the Meitu app and try the tech itself. You just need o take a selfie, select a painting effect, save the photo and share it to your social media accounts. It is as simple as that. 
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