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Apple's iPhone is the best selling tech product last 2017!

Apple sold 233 million iPhone units in 2017 which effectively makes it the best selling tech product worldwide according to GBH Insights's analyst Daniel Ives.
Apple's iPhone is the best selling tech product last 2017!
iPhone X!

In a news report by USA Today, an Analyst from GBH Insights named Daniel Ives compiled a chart that shows the tech products sold:
Top tech products of 2017
Top tech products of 2017

1. Apple iPhone having sold 233 Million
2. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 smartphones: 33 Million
3. Amazon Echo Dot connected Speaker: 24 Million
4. Apple Watch: 20 Million
5. Nintendo Switch video game console: 15 Million

Apple took a huge risk by releasing three new iPhones for 2017: The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus had minor upgrades from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This resulted in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus being overshadowed by the looming arrival of the bigger brother, the iPhone X (roman numeral ten) which sold out and was listed at eBay for thousands of dollars.

In spite of this, Apple sold more iPhones this 2017 but at a lesser amount compared to when the iPhone 6 was released in 2015. At the time, the iPhone 6 brought a redesign of larger sized iPhone to consumers that captivated the public.

Ives thinks Apple will have an even bigger 2018, with a spring update to its compact SE iPhone and more new phones in the fall. Out of the billion-plus consumer base of the iPhone, "350 million of them will upgrade next year," says Ives. 

Analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moorhead Insights sees Apple lowering prices on non-iPhone X styled phones and says that will boost sales. "Anything that doesn't have edge-to-edge display will go down in price," he adds.

What do you think guys?

Source: USA Today
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