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Singapore Airlines launches Chat Bot to answer customer questions

As A.I. gets more prevalent in every industry there is, Singapore Airlines launched their chat bot in beta. This is a part of their expanding digital services.
Singapore Airlines launches Chat Bot to answer customer questions
Singapore Airlines launches Kris the Chat Bot

The chat bot is named, Kris, will be initially available on the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Facebook page and will later  be available on singaporeair.com.

Kris will be able to assist customers on the SIA Facebook Page via private chats. They can ask Kris for assistance on flight related concerns. Being Kris is in beta, she will be learning and develop her abilities over time. Right now, Kris is trained to address questions in English pertaining to baggage, check-in, online booking, as well as travelling with children.

Kris is trained to answer customer FAQs based on customers' search on the SIA website and the questions asked in their reservations offices. Kris' responses have been fine tuned to answer different iterations of various questions aiming to provide conversational replies to customers.

Marvin Tan, Senior Vice President for Customer Services and Operations for SIA, stated this about the chat bot:

SIA is committed to offering our customers more choices and greater convenience in how they engage with us - at any time of the day or night. Kris will be under constant development as we further develop its knowledge library based on what our customers are most frequently reaching out to us for.

He also added this:

Customer preferences are changing and with Kris we are taking feedback into account by expanding our servicing platforms beyond traditional contact centre and email channels.

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