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Wonder Woman is the newest Chief Experience Officer of Huawei

Huawei just had a superhero endorsement when they acquired Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot's endorsement. She is the new Chief Experience Officer for Huawei.
Wonder Woman is the newest Chief Experience Officer of Huawei
Gal Gadot, Huawei's newest Chief Experience Officer

Huawei now has two gorgeous brand ambassadors with Pia Wurtzbach locally and Gal Gadot globally.  Huawei has been trying to break the US market for some time now and Gal Gadot may be the answer to their efforts. With AT&T's deal falling through, this might be a sign that Huawei will gain more of the global market shares.

Gal Gadot gets the Chief Experience Officer rank which means, according to Huawei, is that she will be able to help shape the company's brand experience as well as provide feedback so that she can help Huawei in providing the best experience to their consumers.

This is actually a big signing by Huawei as Gadot has been one of the most popular actresses of 2017. She's also well-loved and respected by her fans. With this, Huawei is pushing out slogans such as "It's Pronounce Wow Way" and "The Best Phone You've Never Heard Of" for their US marketing campaign.

Source: Yahoo
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