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Baseus releases new products in PH for Q1 2018!

Baseus launched their first store in Trinoma last November 2017 and are starting 2018 right by launching new high quality accessories for your daily grind.
Baseus releases new products in PH for Q1 2018!
The MVP cable!

The MVP cable is unique because of the unique sharp 90 degree angled Lightning cable which provides a flat and unobtrusive charging solution which results in a handier user experience. No awkward snags or unwanted positions with charging your iPhone. It is 1 Meter in length and is made of Nylon and is priced at the low price of PHP 390.00.
Wireless charger
Wireless charger

Baseus also has the UFO Desktop Wireless Charger that works with Qi enabled devices like the Samsung's high-end Galaxy phones. It also works with the iPhone 8 series and the iPhone X. It is priced at PHP 790.
Amplify Sound!

The Baseus Amplify Sound Charging station is a cool product that supports data transmission, plug and charge, plug and listen, amplify sound function and bracket function. It retails for PHP 790.

Then they also have a device with in-line Lightning Cable with 2 Quick Charge USB ports called the Baseus Energy Station. It can charge your devices quickly with a constant 5.1 amps and is certified safe and efficient with its intelligent load capability and puts your devices on standby automatically when charging is done at the low price of PHP 890.00!

Next in line is a 5-in-1, YES FIVE IN ONE cable called the Baseus 5-1 Multifunctional cable with a USB Type-C, Lightning-Micro USB hybrid on one end and a USB Type-A and USB Type-C on the other means this cable can plug to and from any port on the market and only for PHP 890.00!

For those brand-new iPhone users that want high-quality Apple Certification the Flexible Certified Cable connects a USB Type-A to Lightning connector will set you back PHP 1,590.00.

Next is the Gravity Car Mount that almost no learning curve to set-up and to use with its no-nonsense auto locking/unlocking cradle that can be easily used with just one hand. No buttons to press, no magnets, no adhesives, just plain and simple design. All for the low low price of PHP 890.00.

Type-C Magnet Cable is basically a USB Type-C cable with Apple's Magsafe design making this the best alternative for people who miss MagSafe from the previous MacBooks! It is priced at PHP 1,290.00.

Red Obsidian Z1 is the device for you if you are looking to expand your smartphone’s memory or simply want a hassle-free way of saving those important photos and documents, Baseus’. Equipped with both a Lightning and Micro USB port, the Red Obsidian Z1 is the perfect OTG device. It is available in 32GB and 64GB, the price starts at PHP 2,890.00.

Confidant Anti-Break Cable is for those who want the toughest cable for their hobbies or professional work, this Aluminum Alloy headed, 1.5 Meter length nylon weave cord with 9 layers of SR anti-break neck piece on both ends is the USB Type-C cable for you! This will set you back PHP 390.00.

Drive while charging, drive while talking. Baseus lives and breathes functionality and the Wireless Earphone Car Charger is a prime example of that creed. A car charger on the outset (one with a 2.4A USB charging port), this charger also houses a small, wireless mono earpiece. Talk to your heart’s delight while on the road, and simply plug the earpiece back into the car charger to keep it topped up. A hand free as well as a charging solution, Baseus' Wireless Earphone Car Charger is definitely one for the road. Priced at PHP 1,490.

Gyro Magnet Air Vent Car Mount has a 360-degree rotating swivel that is so small it can fit into the small car air vent that can be used to reliably hold smartphones of various sizes with ease!  With the use of powerful magnets, your smartphone is guaranteed to stay in place and always at the angle that you prefer. This is priced at PHP 690.

The Plaid Backpack Power Bank Case uses high-quality Lithium Polymer battery to make it slim. The plaid Backpack has a very slim bottom bezel, which makes it one of the smaller and more form-fitting battery case in the market.

The shell of the Plaid Backpack is made-up of a combination of TPU and PC which results in a non-slippery yet smooth surface. Compatible with the iPhone 7 or 8 (2,500mAh - PHP 1,690, 5,000mAh - PHP 1,790) and the iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus (3,650mAh - PHP 1,690, 7,300 mAh - PHP 1,790).

For more info and the rest of Baseus products, check out their Facebook page.
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