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Top 5 highlights of Bluboo S8

So far, Bluboo's S8 has one of the sleekest looking design in its class. On top of that, Bluboo even paired it with decent specs for the price.
Top 4 highlights of Bluboo S8
The Bluboo S8

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Therefore, we think that the Bluboo S8 is promising if you are looking for a smartphone with Galaxy S8 or A8 (2018)-like design.
It even has face unlock tech
It even has face unlock tech

Top 5 highlights of Bluboo S8

5. 18:9 screen - This handset is one of the few to have an 18:9 screen for the price. In particular, it boasts a 5.7-inch HD+ screen with 282 ppi. It's close to bezel-less and has decent color reproduction.

4. Competitive specs - The specs inside are decent for the price. It goes with the 1.5GHz 64-bit MT6750T octa-core processor that's normally found on phones priced in the PHP 10K range last year. In addition, Bluboo paired it with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, and quite large 3,450mAh battery.

3. Security features - The Bluboo S8 is one of the few budget phones to have both the fingerprint scanner and face unlock technology. The fingerprint scanner is the more reliable one and the face unlock is the alternative.

2. Good price -  The Bluboo S8 has a starting price of just PHP 6,999 for the midnight black model and PHP 7,499 for the sleeker coral blue version. It is one of the better deals on paper for the price.

1. Gorgeous design - It looks like the Galaxy A8 (2018) series and Galaxy S8 combined. It is the only one with sandwiched metal and glass-like curved glossy material at the back in its class.

Overall, the Bluboo S8 appears to be a competitive device if you need something with gorgeous aesthetics and decent specs on a budget.

We just hope that Bluboo with update its camera software and fine tune its camera performance to make it an even better deal. 
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