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Epson launches new affordable high brightness projectors in the Philippines

Epson has been known for making high quality projectors for years. They have become one of the most successful imaging companies due to their quality products.
Epson launches new affordable high brightness projectors in the Philippines
Epson launches new affordable high brightness projectors in the Philippines

Epson is not done yet. They have achieved another milestone by getting the number one spot in projectors globally for the 16th year in a row. Building on that, they are releasing a series of new high-brightness projectors that are packed with features. These projectors will be designed specifically with schools and businesses in mind.

Lyn Lizarondo, Product Manager, Epson Philippines Visual Imaging, shared how projector tech and usage grew over the years at the Projection Conference and Showcase:

This showcase highlights how Epson led innovations in visual imaging technologies even beyond the boardroom. In the past few years, we have seen how projectors have become indispensable in the home, schools, and even in big venues and the outdoors. Even as Epson took big steps in various sectors, we have continued to improve on the usage of projectors for businesses and in classrooms, by adding on features that are not available in the market at these price points.

These new Epson High Brightness Projectors are armed with 3,300 to 3,600 Lumens which allows them to deliver both white and color brightness at equal high levels. This will provide great visibilty even in bright scenarios.

Resolution is no problem as well as these series of projectors will be able to project in SVGA, XGA, WXGA, and WUXGA. Connectivity ports will include HDMI, VGA and LAN that makes using the projectors easier.

Here is a more detailed look in the projectors' specifications and prices

Epson High Brightness Projectors specifications
Epson High Brightness Projectors specifications

Epson promised that these series of projectors will packed with features which will include:

Wireless Transmission - This enables the user to users to enjoy enhanced connectivity and flexibility with either a built-in wireless module or a wireless LAN adapter. Users will be able to share images, texts and files from their phones, tablets or laptops.

Split Screen Feature - This feature allows two separate image sources to be projected on a single screen, eliminating the need for a second projector. This is useful for video conferences allowing presentation images and remote participants to be shown together at the same time.

Multi-PC Projection Moderator Function - This allows the users to connect up to 50 devices and project up to 4 images at a time. This is ideal for meetings and presentations.

Screen Mirroring - Allows Android users to wirelessly mirror their screen without the need of cables and applications.

Auto Power On - Projection will start automatically once a signal is received from the source device. It saves time used to turn on the power button or use the remote control.
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