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Fujifilm X-A3 helps Andi Eigenmann share her environmental advocacy

The gorgeous Andi Eigenmann is a self-confessed professional mermaid and flower child who shares her advocacy and travels documented with her Fujifilm X-A3.
Fujifilm X-A3 helps Andi Eigenmann share her environmental advocacy
Andi Eigenmann and her Fujifilm X-A3

She passionately immerses herself in the beauty of nature and in new places which she documents with her Fujifilm mirrorless camera that she shares in her nature-filled Instagram feed and her travels to unique and beautiful places.

My greatest fear is that my daughter, Ellie, and other children would not get to enjoy nature as we do now,” Eigenmann shared. Seeing the situation and actually getting to know the locals who live in famous tourists spots made me decide to use my platform as a way to raise awareness and encourage people to take part in saving Mother Earth.

Even though she has yet to start her own program or organization that advocates environmental preservation, Andi has been actively joining coastal cleanup drives, picking up garbage she sees in surfing beaches, and encouraging others to do the same. This can all be found on her Instagram feed.
She also advocates Environmental preservation in her feed

I love how my Fujifilm X-A3 is so handy and easy to travel with, Eigenmann mused. It proves that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take awesome photos.

The camera sports a retro design that appeals to millenials who need a small, lightweight mirrorless digital camera that we reviewed on the link here.
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