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Philippine's internet download speed is up by 50 percent according to Ookla

The state of the internet speeds in the Philippines seems to be advancing with PLDT effort on their fiber roll outs. A 50% increase has been reported by Ookla.
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Ookla, a global internet testing and analysis firm, released their latest Speedtest Global Index report wherein they said that the Philippines' download speeds increased 50% from 10.16 Mbps to 15.67 Mbps. The upload speeds, on the other hand, jumped from 7.28 Mbps to 13.53 Mbps.

By the end of 2017, PLDT's Fiber-to-the-Home network had reached more than 4 million homes. They expect and promise to reach more businesses and homes across the country by expanding the fixed broadband capacity by about 30% to 5.1 million homes. They also look to double their fiber and hybrid fiber broadband capacity from 1.1 million ports to 2.2 million within the next 2 years.

In addition to their FTTH deployment efforts, PLDT is also promising to upgrade their copper-based broadband service. They look to provide Fibr-fast speeds to the 1.3 million copper-based DSL subscribers by 2019.

Oscar A. Reyes Jr., PLDT SVO and Head of Consumer Business Market Development stated this:

The internet is a basic necessity for most Filipino families. The robust growth of our subscriber base reflects Filipinos’ voracious appetite for more than just high-speed connections. Filipinos want digital services and content that add value and complement their diverse lifestyles.

PLDT said that the steady rise of the country's fixed broadband speeds can be related to their efforts to meet the growing demand for digital services by the Filipinos who use the internet for information, entertainment, security and communication.
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